How to make Siri read out Notifications in iPhone

Apple with its latest iOS7 has tremendously increased its chances of fighting and staying afloat in its fight against Android. There are many cool features introduced and some features enhanced in iOS7 compared to iOS6. Here is another feature which will surely be helpful to many of us.

In case oyu are driving, sleeping, taking rest, doing some important work and your phone is out of your reach or you are too busy or occupied or tired to pick your phone up and look at the nitifications which have just come, how would you like your Phone to just say it out ??

This is exactly what we are going to see now – the new iOS has got some great features like this which will make your iPhone Read out any message or Mail which you have just recieved. All you will have to do is click the home button 3 times once oyu get a notification to activate this feature after you have set up this Option by following the Tutorial given to get spoken notifications on iPhone

How to activate “Voice Over” and make Siri Speak or read Out Notifications in iPhone:

Here i am going to divide the tutorial into 2 parts, first part i will be explaining How to activate Voice Over Option in iPhone and in the second part will show you how to customize which apps notifications are to be read out by Siri.

How to Activate Voice Over Option in iPhone 5 or iOS7:

  1. Go to Settings in your iPhone > Go to General > Scroll down and click on the Accessibility option
  2. Here you will find “Voice Over” option click on it and you will be directed to the Voice Over Option > Leave it as “OFF
  3. Scroll down until you see the “Speak Notifications” option > Turn it “ON
  4. Go Back to the Accessibility Page > Scroll down to “Triple Click Home” option and Click on it > Select “Voice Over” which will make sure that you can activate Voice Over feature even if the screen is to activate voice over and make siri read out notifications

How to select apps to be read out and modify Notification Settings:

  1. Go Back “Home Screen” > Go to Settings > Click on Notifications
  2. Scroll down and you can see the list of Apps which support Notifications > Choose the Notifications which you want to be included in the Voice Over option.
  3. To select that Apps you want are selected under the “Receive Spoken Notifications” check if they are ON or just click on the App and make its Notification center “ON”
  4. Tap on the app of your choice and scroll all the way down until you find its View in Lock Screen toggle and make sure to turn it ON. Repeat the process for all the apps you would like to receive spoken notifications to activate voice over and make siri read out notifications 1

One Last Thing:

Activate VoiceOver by clicking the “Home button Three times” (you can even do this while your iPhone is in sleep mode) – To activate the Voice over option whenever you want it to read out the received Message, Mail, Status Update or Tweet.

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