How to Lock What’s App in Android Smartphones or Tablets

Whats App which is at its peak with more that 20 billion messages being sent each day we must say has overtook the messaging service and putting a big dent to the Service providers by replacing Text messaging.

With this massive number of messages being sent and received daily the number of users of Whats app must be in millions because of the success of Android and it availability in various Ranges of Smartphones at various prices it is able to reach to all. And with Whats app becoming the Default Messaging Platform for all it is a must to make sure that no one reads your messages in Whats App when you give them your phone.

I have faced it many times where friends ask my phone or tablet to listen to Songs or use internet and they end up reading my messages in Whats app which is really frustrating, and i found these 2 Apps in Google Play which lets you Password or Pattern Lock Whats App Application in your Android Device.

 Apps to Protect Whats App with Password / Pattern Lock:

I have come across these 2 Apps which are solely to Lock your Whats App Application in your Android device either by putting a password or a Pattern to prevent others from viewing it. These are the Free Apps which are working as i have seen many Free apps not working properly. And why waste money on Paid apps when we are getting the same features for free.

Lock For Whats App:

A Lock for WhatsApp, with this WhatsApp lock app protect your WhatsApp private chat and don’t let anybody peek into your WhatsApp message chat. This App has a very Easy and comfortable UI which is easy to understand and set up.

  1. Download and Install: Lock for Whats App
  2. Launch the App and you have to set a Pattern Lock for Whats App to lock whats app in android devices - Lock for Whats App
  3. After you have set a pattern lock you can also set a Number or alphabetical Passwordhow to secure whats app in android devices - Lock for Whats App
  4. After you enter Next you will be taken to a Page which tells you that the “App will add a bookmark to your browser, modify its homepage and an icon on your homescreen to perform searches” – this should be accepted to make this App work, the developer says this is how we make money.
  5. So if you accept the inclusion of the above in your device you can go ahead or see our next App.
  6. After you Accept the Agreement you will be directed to the Settings page where you will have the options to Enable/Disable Lock, Choose Lock Type, Set Password to lock whats app in android devices - Lock for Whats App settings
  7. After you set your required options you are done, the next time you try to open Whats App you will asked for a Pass code or Pattern Lock.

Whats App Lock Key Privacy:

This app lets you protect your WhatsApp’s privacy through a PIN. After installation it will ask you to set a 4 digit PIN, and will show the configuration options. You can customize auto-lock time, so you don’t need to enter the PIN every time you change task on your device. It even has a James Bond type feature where in, if a wrong pin is entered and your phone has front camera, it will take a picture of the intruder and saved in the photo gallery. With which you can catch the culprit trying to access your Whats app.

Download and install Whats App Lock Key Privacy

Enter the Password you would like to have and it will only be a Numerical to lock whats app in android devices - Whats App Lock

Now you will be directed to the Settings Page which will give you the following options like Activate/Deactivate Whats App lock, Change Pin and Set the Time limit for Whats App lock. how to lock whats app in android devices - Whats App Lock settings

After you have given the required settings you are ready and the next time you open whats app you will be asked for a Secret Pin and if you enter a wrong pin your phone/Tablet if it has a front camera will take a Picture of the person and Save it in the Gallery.

Do use both these Apps and let us know which one is best of the both. If you know any other App with better features do let us know so we can add it in the list.

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