Latest Updates and Features in iOS 7

Apple iOS 7 along with many new upgrades from Apple was done today in WWDC. Here we are going to share the top 10 latest features which were updated in the latest iOS 7 offering from apple.

iOS 7 is available in the following Apple devices:

  • iPhone 4 and later
  • iPad 2 and later
  • iPad Mini
  • iPod Touch (5th Generation)

This is the biggest Redesign of the iOS after the release of the original iPhone. There are some major changes in the User Interface like we have been expecting, the UI is flatter and simpler with very minimalistic appearance and features. Everything is made Full Screen, the Caller photo, Safari, Control Center, App store everything will now occupy the complete Screen which looks really beautiful. The new Multitasking system which shows previews of the Apps running in the background is also a great upgrade to compete with Android. Here are some features with Photos of the new iOS7.

  • New Lock Screen: Lets start from the basic, there is a new lock screen which has changed to scroll up from the bottom of the screen to unlock your iPhone. This looks like taken from Windows Phone OS. But a good update from the boring slide to unlock which we are seeing from many years. ios 7 new lock screen
  • New App Icons: Icons of all the Apps have been redesigned and the design looks bolder and flatter in colors from what they look like in previous OS. New Icons home screen in Apple iOS 7
  • Multitasking: A Big update from Apple which was criticized a lot for its lack of proper multitasking capability compared to what Android had at offer. But this changes everything with the latest multitasking capability and new multi window appearance. Multitasking got better in iOS7
  • Video Player and Camera: The new video player is very minimalistic in appearance and it goes with the new OS. The Camera has got many new features which will be updated but there is a Photo App “Moments” which organizes photos automatically based on location and time, which is very app iOS7 moments
  • Safari Browser: It is equipped with some of these amazing new features like Full Screen interface – Smart search field, with one-touch access to all the favorites and the frequently accessed URLs, New tab interface. There is little fuzz and a lot of matter in the new Safari. The whole screen is used and it looks amazing to view websites in. Favourites in Safari with one Click
  • Integration of iOS in Car: This is another feature which was rumored earlier too, here Siri will be integrated to your car screen and you can make calls ask for directions and even Google Search with this new integration where many Car companies are offering integration including Chevrolet, Hyundai, Ferrari, Honda etc. It acts as a GPS too.iOS 7 in Car integration
  • iTunes Radio: This is a new App from apple but with soo many Radio Apps in the App store this will have some stiff competition. It’s free with ads, though iTunes Match subscribers get it free without ads. You cna make your own channels, listen to channel and then buy it.
  • Siri: Siri has been upgraded with a Male voice. It has got a new look, new voice and more features as it will collect data from Twitter, Wikipedia and Bing and show in your results. It is also being integrated with your Car.
  • Air Drop: AirDrop will let users share photos or files peer-to-peer with other iOS users who are nearby. “No bumping required.” Note that AirDrop will only work on iOS devices running the latest wireless chipsets, meaning the iPhone 5, fourth generation iPad, iPad mini, and the latest iPod touch
  • Some other features: New App Store, Notifications Sync, Audio Only Facetime etc.


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