Latest Android 4.4 Kitkat Wallpapers and Features – Nexus 5

Andoroid is releasing its latest update with the name of Kitkat and this being the 4.4 version of the Android updates. Android the market leader in Smartphone and Tablet OS is releasing its latest version through its flagship device the Nexus 5. With the leaks and rumors running rounds we have gathered 2 wallpapers of Android 4.4 Kitkat which are used in the Nexus 5 device.

How to download Android Kitkat 4.4 Wallpaper:

Open the image and -> Right Click on image -> Save image

Android has been following the Alphabetical order in releasing its Operating system’s with the latest being Jelly bean and earlier one being Ice cream Sandwich and now they are releasing Kitkat.

Nexus 5 and android kitkat wallpapers

Here is another one:

Nexus 5 and android kitkat wallpaper

New Features of Android 4.4 Kitkat:

  1. Home Screen Icons redesigned: Android has made the icons on Kitkat homescreen Flatter much similar to what Apple has done with iOS7.
  2. Messaging App modified:  The messaging app has been modified very much with rearrangement of certain options and this has also been made flatter.
  3. Boot up animation changed: The Boot up animation has been changed slightly with a new icon being used in the Boot up screen which not much but still a change.
  4. Built-in Printing Option:  The Kitkat version is certainly giving the users an option of using the Print facility mostly everywhere in the Device.
  5. Lock Screen changed:  The lock screen gets a minor change or we might say update with the option of getting the camera by swiping from right to left of the screen, which will get the camera activated.
  6. Apps Icon Size and App Dock revamped:  A slight increase in the App icons size is seen and the App dock is also revamped with a seemingly different appearance.



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