Intel i7 3970x Extreme Processor


Intel Core i7 3970x Extreme Processor
Intel Core i7 3970x Extreme Processor

Intel has been continously improving its processors as the demand for high performance is increasing. The latest offer from Intel is the Core i7 3970X Extreme edition processor. It comes with an advanced microarchitecture. It comes with some advanced technologies such as Intel vPro, Intel Hyperthreading technology, and Turbo boost technology amongst others. This processor promises to be one of the most responsive processors Intel has produced till date. It is downright the most customizable and gives the best performance than any processor out in the market.

The Intel i7 3970X processor comes with six cores unlike other processors and runs at 3.5GHz which runs upto 4GHz in turbo boost conditions. It is clocked 200 MHz higher than the currently outgoing i7 3960X processor. The Hyper Threading feature enables the 64 bit chip to deliver upto 12 simultaneous threads. The division of cache memory is 32KB each for instruction and data caches, 256KB for the L2 cache, and 15MB for the L3 cache for each processor module.

Once we unlock the CPU multiplier we can overclock it easily and take it to the next level of performance. The Intel i7 3970X extreme processor runs on the Intel X79 chip and comes with the LGA 2011 CPU socket. Due to this combination the quad channel memory delivers and undisputed CPU memory bandwith.

 This chip features a new motherboard platform which is the Intel Extreme Series Desktop Board DX 79SR. It is named ‘Stromville” which has room for 8 memory modules which can accommodate 64GB of system RAM, three PCI Express 3.0 slots. This is easily enough to support two high performance graphics card in multi-GPU rendering mode. These specifications enable this card to give an outrageous performance for games demanding high performance.

One disappointment with this processor is that the architecture comes with the Sandy Bridge platform rather than the latest Ivy Bridge platform. This will surely effect the performance improvements which could have been enjoyed had it been an Ivy Bridge design.

The Core Intel i7 3970X Extreme Processor is definitely a chip which packs a lot of powerful performance for todays gamers as it runs on the most advanced PC platform and you get all this for the same price as the Intel Core i7 3960X Extreme Processor.


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