India to be one of the first countries to get OnePlus Two smartphone

One Plus Two which is in pipeline is being prepared to be launched in India and the Co-founder and Director of OnePlus Global Mr Carl Pei has said that India will be one of the first countries to be receiving the OnePlus Two smartphone which was decided after looking at the response which the earlier models the OnePlus Two had received.

OnePlus One is a huge hit in India which has been received well be the Indian users and there was a huge demand even before its official launch in India where users were importing the smartphone from United States. There was a slight hiccup and some negative impact on the company after CyanogenMod tie up with Micromax in India and the news that there wont be any further updates.
 OnePlus Two to be launched in India in the first batch

Carl Pei wrote in an official blog post “As a company that’s not yet even a year old, and has no track record on which to stand upon, your faith in our product and vision is humbling. We know we made you wait a while. We understand the wait could be frustrating, but looking back, we are glad that we waited until all pieces were in place.”

Carl Pei also said in a statement that it took a lot of time in bringing the One to India but that wont be the case with One Plus Two which Indians will one of the first to see the new device. And also Mr. Pei said that OnePlus will be setting up an office in India with its headquarters in Bangalore which will also have a GM, local marketing team and logistics team along with the R & D team concerned with India.

This is what we know till now about the OnePlus Two which will be launched in 2015 and that India will be one of the first countries to get hands on this device by the Chinese manufacturer OnePlus.

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