How to use WhatsApp to Store Photos, Videos and Documents Privately

WhatsApp has turned out to be an integral part of every person using a smartphone, the advantage being the easy to use interface and the fact that it is accessible across all platforms like mobile, tablet and laptop or PC. It has become the most used way to keep in touch with friends and family, with Facebook being a social application this is more of a personal messaging app to share stuff personally.

how to create private WhatsApp group to store personal photos videos documents

WhatsApp can not only be used as a messaging app but can be used practically to store your on the go ideas in the form of documents, photos or Videos which you would like to share or check later. You can improve your productivity by following the steps mentioned below which will let you Store personal stuff like – Documents (pdf, powerpoint, notes), Photos, Videos, voice memos, web links etc on WhatsApp to access them later on your phone or Laptop or PC. I personally use it to save web links of any useful posts on the web to read later which makes it easier for me to access.

We can do this by creating a Group on WhatsApp and deleting the participants from it, to create a personal group where you are the only member in it.

Steps to create a private WhatsApp group with only you as a member:

This method helps you to send yourself messages and share photos, videos and voice memos in WhatsApp which is not allowed directly as you can do in Facebook messenger.

  • Launch WhatsApp and then create a new group
  • If you are having a second number with a WhatsApp account, add this number to the group or you can add a friends number by informing them about it
  • Now open the group in WhatsApp and tap on the Subject option present on the top of the display
  • You will be seeing the list of participants here, tap and hold the other participant and remove them from the group
  • You will be left with a group with only you as the sole member making it a private group where you can share all your data and access it whenever required.

If you are having two smartphones or having a feature like Dual Apps option like in Xiaomi devices (How to install and use two Whatsapp accounts in a single phone) you can create a Group with your other number and use it personally to share content available on both your devices or accounts.

You can access WhatsApp from your Laptop or PC by following the steps mentioned here – How to use WhatsApp web on your PC or Laptop. This will let you access all the content like photos, videos, voice memos etc shared on your phone in the group from your laptop or PC using Whatsapp Web.

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