How to Activate and Use two WhatsApp accounts on OnePlus 6 using Parallel Apps feature

With the launch of OnePlus 6 back in May earlier this year, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer has upped the Flagship smartphone game with amazing specs for the price which comes with the latest and most powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset coupled with 6GB or 8GB of RAM along with storage up to 256GB. OnePlus 6 comes with Android Oreo with OxygenOS on top of it and is almost stock Android. OnePlus has managed to include some features like the Parallel Apps option which allows users to install and use two accounts from Apps like WhatsApp.

With this feature, there is no need to install or use any third party application to help in using a second WhatsApp account for the second SIM card in your OnePlus 6. So let us look at how you can Activate and use Two separate WhatsApp accounts in your OnePlus 6 smartphone using the Parallel Apps feature.

How to use Two separate WhatsApp accounts in OnePlus 6:

Step 1: Go to Settings and then Tap on Apps

Step 2: Here, tap on Parallel Apps option

Step 3: Here you will be seeing the list of Apps which can be used under Parallel Apps feature, now tap on the toggle switch to the right of WhatsApp option to turn it ON.

How to use two WhatsApp accounts in OnePlus 6 using parallel apps

Step 4: Go back to your Home screen and you can now see two WhatsApp icons one beside the other with the second WhatsApp app having an orange colored circle at the bottom icon for identification and you will be seeing a message – “Parallel WhatsApp has been created

Step 5: Now tap on the icon to launch the second WhatsApp account and log in to your account by entering your mobile number to activate it.

To differentiate between the two accounts when both are active or being used at the same time, you can see that when you press the Recent Apps View, you can see “Parallel WhatsApp”. If you want to Disable the second or Parallel WhatsApp account you can follow the same steps and Disable it – Settings -> Apps -> Parallel Apps -> Tap on Toggle switch to turn it off. Make sure that you back up all your WhatsApp data before disabling it because all data will be erased once you disable it.

The same option can be used to install two accounts of other apps as well as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Quora, Twitter, Telegram, Line, Linkedin etc.


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