How to use Swipe to Reply feature in WhatsApp

WhatsApp has introduced a new feature in their latest update, “Swipe to Reply” which lets users to reply to a message in the chat faster and easier. Earlier you needed to press and hold the message you wanted to reply to and then tap on the Reply option on the top of the screen but with the Swipe to Reply feature you can just Swipe the message to which you want to reply to the right and you will be able to type in your reply instantly. This is quite useful and makes your life a lot easier and saves a ton of time if you are in a group and are looking to reply to a specific message.

We cannot say that this is a first of a kind feature, as we have seen the same feature in Telegram messaging app earlier and this seems to be a copy of the feature, nonetheless it is useful to users and that is what is important.

How to use Swipe to Reply option in WhatsApp:

Note: This feature has been recently released and it has been updated via the latest Software update, so make sure that you have updated your WhatsApp to the latest Version through Google Play Store.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp and open any personal chat or a Group chat you want to reply to

Step 2: Select the message you want to reply to, now press on the message and swipe to the Right on the screen

How to use Swipe to Reply feature in WhatsApp

Step 3: You will see that the message moves to the right as you swipe

Step 4: You will be seeing the message above the keyboard which pops up, just enter the reply and press on send.

It is a pretty straight forward and easy to use feature which is quite useful and time saving for many, do share this tutorial to your friends and family to let them know about this simple yet easy trick to reply to messages in chat with just a single swipe. You an check out all the other WhatsApp Tips and Tricks to help you in using the Messaging app for effectively.

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