How to use Skype’s ‘Meet Now’ feature to join Video meetings without sign up or download

Skype has rolled out a new Skype Meet Now feature to help users in the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic which lets users to set-up a collaboration space and add contacts, friends or even family members who do not own a Skype account. It makes it quite useful as you do not need to download and install the App and also all users do not need to Log in to chat with you. Skype is upping its game to take on Zoom which has suddenly gained popularity as Work From Home has been implemented by most Software companies across the world.

With Skype Meet Now feature users can host and join meetings for free, the meeting link does not expire and can be used anytime. Skype has also mentioned that they will be holding the recording for 30 days and the text, audio, and photos shared in the chat will be stored for more than 30 days for free. Let us see how to create a meeting on Skype, how you can invite and how to join a meeting with the Meet Now feature.

Note: You need to log in in to Skype to create a meeting but no need to login to join one.

How to Create a Meeting on Skype with Meet Now:

  1. Login to Skype using your Logins (Skype App or Skype for Web)
  2. Now tap on the Meet Now option in the left of your screen about the contacts list
  3. A unique link will be created and the option to Share Invite will be available – You can copy and paste the unique link with others to invite them or click on the Share Invite button and select the option through which you want to share the link
  4. You now need to set the Call to either Audio or Video and click on the Start Call button

How to Join Meeting with Meet Now on Skype:

  1. Click on the Meet Now link which is shared with you
  2. This will now open either the Skype app or open Skype for web on any device – Laptop, PC or mobile
  3. You can join the meeting, Video call or Audio call and chat as a guest even if you do not have Skype logins.

This is a very good option by Skype which lets you make Video or Audio calls with your friends or family who do not have logins like the elders in your family. Most elders do not want to go into the hassle of installing an App and creating logins, so Meet Now which lets users join a meeting without logins or installing the App is a great feature in this time of need.

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