How to Use or Run Multiple WhatsApp accounts in your Android device

With the number of Dual Sim Android devices rising up day by day and the users of Whats app increasing the requirement for using whats app from both the sim’s in a single android device is requested by many users.

Here is the way to do the same like we have many other Whats App Tips and Tricks this is another successful Tutorial, do check out the rest:

how to use multiple whats app accounts in android device

Step by step Tutorial on How to use Multiple Whats App Accounts in android device:

Note: You require a Rooted Android Device for this tutorial to work (Root your device at your own risk). Make sure you have all your stuff Backed up in case something goes wrong.

  1. Have a Rooted Android Device
  2. Download and Install “SwitchMe Multiple Accounts” – Play Store
  3. Instal Whats App if you do not have one already
  4. Launch SwitchMe App and in the options Create 2 Different Profiles
  5. The Different Profiles or Users will have their own unique system settings, apps and data.
  6. Main User Profile: This is the Administrator account and will contain the Apps, settings and Sata which you have on your device from beginning. the First or Running Whats app account present on your device will stay with this Profile.
  7. Second User Profile: Create this account as the secondary account to sync with the additional Sim. This account will have all the new Apps, Settings, Data and the Second WhatsApp account.
  8. After Creating both the accounts in the SwitchMe App, select the Second User Profile and Open Google Play Store to set up your Account and Install WhatsApp from it.

Now you can create a new User profile in WhatsApp from this new Account as the settings, data etc are completely new. Make a note that you cannot use both the accounts together, the WhatsApp account from the User Profile which you have selected will be active and the other one wont.

Enjoy with 2 separate WhatsApp accounts in one Android Dual Sim Smartphone and do let us know your feedback.


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