How to use App Twin feature in Honor 6x, 7x and 9i to install two WhatsApp or Facebook apps on EMUI

With the increase in smartphones supporting Dual SIM’s it has become quite common for people to maintain two accounts for many apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook etc. It you are looking to use or Install two WhatsApp or Facebook or Telegram on your Honor 6x, Honor 7X, Honor 9i, Honot 8 Pro etc smartphones, you are in luck as with the latest EMUI 5.0 you get a feature called “App Twin” which lets you install two variants of the same apps using which you can log in through two accounts.

Now you can use two separate WhatsApp accounts from one phone using App Twin feature at a time. The App twin feature creates a clone of the selected app and install it on the Home Sreen, where you can log in using separate user name and password. It is quite easy to activate or turn on App Twin feature and run WhatsApp or Facebook clone app on your Honor 7X running on EMUI.

Steps to Activate App Twin feature in Honor 6x, 7X and 9i:

From your Home Screen, tap on Settings

Now under settings, Scroll or Swipe up and tap on the “App Twin” option

How to use App Twin feature in Honor 6x 7x and 9i running on EMUI

Here you will be seeing the list of Apps which will be supporting App Twin feature (these will be the apps installed on your device)

On the right side of the App you will be seeing a toggle switch, tap on it for the app which you want a second version of the app to be installed on your device

You will be seeing a message at the bottom of the screen, “Twin app icon added to home screen

Go to Home Screen and you will be seeing the clone of the App which was selected with the small tag of “2” at the right side bottom of the icon to show the difference between the primary application and the secondary one.

If you are facing any problem in seeing the second application on the home screen or in activating the Twin App feature in your Honor 7X or Honor 8 Pro or Honor 9i smartphone running on EMUI 5.0 you need to check whether you are using a third party launcher. Third party launchers do not support Twin App feature. So deactivate the Twin App feature and install the Stock Launched app to use this feature.

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