How to turn or use your own face as Emoticons or Smileys – Apple iPhone

Emoticons have always been a way to show what you feel to the other person you are chatting with and this trick which I am going to show you will be taking this to a whole new level. You can now express yourself in your chat messages with your own expressions. Smiley’s are now going to be replaced by your own expressions known as Imoji which is an App which allows you to convert your own expressions into Emoticons or Smile’s whichever way you like to put it.

How to turn your own face into an Emoticon in whatsapp facebook chat and line

You can download Imoji from iTunes. After downloading and installing Imoji from iTunes which is not available in Android or Google play Store yet. After installing the application you have to open the add emoji stickers and your iPhone camera will be activated and all you have to do now is put various expressions and click photos through the Application which will get saved in the app and on your device.

Now you can remove the image surrounding your face and just keep your face as the expression and add certain layers like, glasses, hair etc to make it look like an emoticon. And now you can save these in your Imoji app. You can also make emoticons of your friends, pets like cats or dogs and also use them as emoticons.

After you have saved the emoticons go to any chat platform and now you can use your own photo as an emoticon or smiley. This works in Facebook Chat, Whats App, Viber, Hike, Line and many other chatting platforms.

Imojiapp is available only on Apple and iOS supporting products like iPhone and iPod touch and soon it will be available in Android Play store as well.

You can download the imojiapp from iTunes by clicking on this link and it is free and has a size of 10.7 MB – imojiapp

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