How to Turn on or Check Backlit Keyboard on Dell Laptops

Dell Laptops are quite popular with many options being available across all the ranges from basic laptops to top end laptops and if you are one who is looking to have Backlit Keyboard on your Dell Laptop make sure you check before purchasing if the laptop has Backlit Keyboard or not. And we have seen that in high end laptops there are backlit keyboards which come with a sensor to automatically turn on the backlit option in case of low light conditions.

So even though your laptop might be having backlit keyboard, without the light sensors the keyboard backlit option will not be turning on automatically but it needs to be turned on manually with the help of certain shortcuts. There are two shortcuts which are seen to work in Dell Laptops across the Vostro / Studio / XPS and Latitude series, so try both these to see which works for your particular laptop.

how to turn on keyboard backlit in Dell laptop

How to Turn on Backlit Keyboard in Dell laptops:

  • The First method is to Press “Alt + F10” which will turn on Backlit option in Dell Laptop keyboards
  • The Second method is Press “Fn + Right Arrow” or “Fn + F10” which will turn on the Backlit option. You can also toggle between three lighting modes like – Full keyboard, Half keyboard and Keyboard Backlit Off which are available in some laptops

In Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 there is another method through which you can turn on Keyboard backlit option – Press “Windows + X” -> press Mobility Center -> you will find an option Keyboard Brightness, turn it On by moving it to the right side.  

These options can be used in Dell laptops running on Windows 10 / 8 and 7 Operating systems. Make sure that your laptop has the backlit option in your laptop before trying out these options. The options are available on select models and if you need a backlit keyboard make sure that you check before hand.


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