How to Turn Off or Stop Predective Text in Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 is a great device released recently which is having all the features of a great smartphone. There are many great features which are very useful in many aspects of our day to day life like Kids Mode, S Health, multi window functionality, Finger Scanner etc.

The keyboard is also refined and the predictive text is also of great help if you are conversing in English but the same thing turns into a nightmare interrupting you and correcting your words if you are a person like me who texts in a mix of languages. Many users have asked on how to stop the predictive text on Samsung galaxy s5 keyboard which we are going to explain in detail.How to stop predictible text in galaxy S5

There are two techniques in stopping or turning off predictive text in Samsung Galaxy S5 keyboard:

  1. From Settings App
  2. Directly From Keyboard

Turning Off Predictive Text from Settings App:

  • Go to your Samsung Galaxy S5 Home Screen and click on the Settings Icon which can be seen as a Gear icon.
  • Then you need to tap on the General option
  • Select Language and then go and tap on Input
  • Here you can see the list of Keyboards used like Samsung Keyboard, Swift key etc
  • Click on the Gear icon seen next to the Samsung Keyboard
  • Find the Predictive Text option here and you can Turn it Off or On from here.
Turn Off Predictive Text directly from Keyboard:
  • You can even turn off the Predictive text directly from the keyboard while using it
  • Tap on button which is 2nd from left button on the bottom row next to the Sym button and hold it
  • You will be getting a pop out box and in this find and tap the Gear Icon
  • This will lead you to the Samsung Keyboard Settings page
  • Here you can find the Predictive Text option and either Turn it On or Off according to your need

We are going to update many How-to posts on Galaxy S5 for the many little tweaks and problems which are not mentioned in the official Guide released by Samsung. Do keep a look out for more updates by subscribing to our website.

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