How to turn off ‘OK Google Now’ in Android devices

Ok google now is a feature which allows you to directly activate Google Now by saying the Keyword. It is just that you can activate Google now option from anywhere in your device and speak the search terms and you will be getting results immediately. Kit kat 4.4 is now available in Nexus 5 device and it will be available in other devices like S4, Moto x, LG G2, Note 3, S3 and other device in near future.

OK Google Now feature is available in Android Kit kat devices pre installed but if you want to get the feature in other android devices you can Install the App from Google Play Store: Install “Ok Google Now” app

Here we are going to show how to turn off Google Now feature in Kit Kat 4.4: how to turn off ok Google now feature

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Google Now
  3. You will be seeing a Search & Now cards under which you need to select on “Voice”
  4. Under the options you will find “Hotword detection” which allows you to say “OK Google” to activate Google Now.
  5. Uncheck the Hotword detection option to turn off “Ok Google” option to launch Google Now.

In the older versions of Android OS you will not be finding the Hotword Detection option under the

  • Setting > Language and Input > Voice Search

The App mentioned above can help in activating Ok Google option in Android OS previous to Kit Kat.

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