How to Turn Off Comments for your Post in Instagram for Android and iOS

Instagram has become the top Photo sharing platform in the world, with the number of users increasing in the social media platform at a rapid rate. Instagram has made sure that its users get complete control over their posts and has given the option to turn Comments Off on their posts or photos shared. If you are someone who likes to share a lot of photos on your Instagram page, or you are someone like me who owns a business (Dental Clinic) and shares photos which you do not want others to comment on, you get the option to turn off comments for the particular image which you have shared. Here is how you can turn off comments on Instagram posts.

How to Turn Off Comments on Instagram posts / photos:

There is a option under post options – Turn off commenting which needs to be turned off to prevent anyone from commenting on your post. Here is how to turn it off

Note: To turn off comments you need to first publish the photo and then you can use this option. You can also turn Off comments from the start by going to Advanced settings.

Publish the photo for which you want to turn Off the comments on or Go to the Photo which you might have already shared on your profile

On the top right above the photo, you can see three dot icon – tap on it to open the photo options

A pop up window appears on the screen giving you various options

Tap on “Turn Off Commenting” option and you are done, no one will be getting the option to comment on your post

How to Turn off comments in Instagram post

Disable Comments for posts before publishing: To disable comments for post to be published by you need to tap on the “Advanced Settings” option which will appear below the Share options in your Share Page while posting a photo on Instagram

Here you can see under Comments, the Slider option of “Turn Off Commenting” tap on the slider to turn into Blue and you are done.

If you change your mind and want to activate comments on your Photo, all you have to do is to go to your photo and tap on the three dot icon and tap on “Turn on Commenting” for the post.


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