How to Transfer or Move WhatsApp Photos and Videos to SD card from internal storage

With the new age of networking and the mobile phone becoming an integral part of everyone’s life, WhatsApp has been one of the most commonly used app or service with someone who has a smartphone with internet connection. It has become the primary mode of communication between people after the Calling feature has been included. With many options like groups etc the number of images and stuff being shared is huge and it directly affects the phone storage space when you receive something which you cannot delete.

As the media received in WhatsApp is directly stored on Phone storage by default you are out of space in no time affecting the performance of your device pretty badly. As most of the smartphones now have the option to expand using microSD card, it would be helpful if we can transfer or move images or photos and videos received on WhatsApp to microSD card.

How to transfer WhatsApp Images and Videos to SD card from internal storage

Note: You do not require any Rooting to use this method to transfer Videos and images to external storage and free up some useful space in your Android smartphone.

How to Transfer or send Photos or images and Videos to External Storage:

  • From the Apps page, go to File Manager or My Files and open it
  • Now tap on Device storage option
  • From the list of options available, tap on WhatsApp folder
  • Here you will find the Media folder. Long press on the folder to get the options of Move or Cut
  • Tap on Move or Cut depending on the option which is seen in your smartphone (it varies from one UI to another)
  • Now go back to the File manager or My Files page and tap on SD card option
  • Here if you already have a folder with the name WhatsApp paste the media folder in there or you need to create a folder with the name WhatsApp and paste the Media folder in there

It might take some time to transfer the files depending on the amount of data to be transferred and you are done. This method helps in transferring the images and Videos which have been received and stored in your internal memory. The images and videos which will be received now will be stored in internal storage and should be transferred manually everyday or whenever necessary. If you have any doubts or queries about the method or facing any problem with the transfer leave your doubts in the comments so that we can answer it.


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