How to Transfer or Migrate Whats App chats from Old to New device

Whats app has become the primary and prefered messaging platform for everyone across all the platforms. And with the latest phones being released in the market we are upgrading from one phone to another and if you are looking at transferring or getting the Whats App data from your old device to new android device then follow these simple steps and easily transfer or migrate Whats app back up or chats from Old android device to your new android device.

There are 3 steps which should be followed to successfully back up your Whats app chat for Old to New android device:

  1. Create Whats App Conversations or Chats Backup
  2. Transfer WhatsApp Backup to your Laptop or PC
  3. Transfer WhatsApp Backup from PC or Laptop to New or other Android phone or Tab

 How to Create Whats App Conversations or Chats Backup:

  • Go to WhataApp on your Old device or in the device from which you want to transfer the chats and tap on the Menu key on the right side top of the screen and tap on Settings
  • From the list of options tap on “Chat settings”  which will open the settings menu
  • Here you will find the “Backup Conversations”. Just you have to Tap on it and your Conversations or Chats Back UP will be created automatically on your android device.
    how to back up whatsapp chat conversations in pc or laptop

How to Transfer WhatsApp Backup to your Laptop or PC:

  • After your Whats App Back up is created on your device you have to connect your android device to your Laptop or PC using a USB cable.
  • There will be a pop up seen in the right lower side of your screen on your Windows PC or laptop showing that USB has been Connected and you have to click on the “Turn on USB Storage” which will give you permession to (read/write) from your PC or Laptop to your android device and device to PC.
    how to transfer or migrate whatsapp chat conversations into new android device
  • Open you Phone Storage where you will be finding two options: Internal Storage and External Storage. Click on Internal Storage first and search for the Whats App folder which will contain your Back Up files as well, if you find it just copy it and paste it on your Laptop or PC desktop.
  • If you are nota ble to find the Whats App folder in Internal Storage then you ahve to open the External Storage or SD card folder and search and do the same thing as above.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Backup from PC or Laptop to New or other Android phone or Tab:

  • After you have saved the WhatsApp back up file on your Laptop or PC, you have to now disconnect the Old android device and if you have your other or new android device with you can conncet it to using the USB cable. And WhatsApp should be installed on your device.
  • Now you have to open you device folder in your PC or Laptop and open the Internal storage folder and search for WhatsApp folder in it, if it is not seen go to External Storage or SD card and search for it there.
  • When you find that folder, do not open the folder but just delete it and then copy the older folder which you have saved on your PC or Laptop Desktop and paste it here.
  • All you have to do now is disconnect your device from PC or Laptop normally and then lauch WhatsApp on your new device.

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You can see all the old conversations and chats in your Whats App on your new android phone, and if you are not able to see them restart your android device once and all the conversations will be visible.

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