How to Transfer or Import Contacts to Nokia X, X+ and XL

With Nokia releasing three models to get a hold on the android market with Nokia X, X+ and XL and if you are one of the users who is using one of these phones and was earlier using an Android or a Windows device you will have the big task of transferring all your data like music, photos, videos, audio files and contacts to your new nokia x, x+ and xl.

So here we have explained in a simple tutorial and showed you different ways in which you can transfer contacts to your new nokia X, X+ and XL.

We will be showing you how youc an transfer contacts using Email and also how you can use Bluetooth and Contact transfer App.

How to transfer Contacts from SIM card to Nokia X, X+ and XL: 

This is a very simple trick which will allow you to copy the contacts which you have saved on your SIM card.

  1. Go to your Nokia X, X+ or XL homescreen and you will have to go into the People Hub with a contact icon for the app.
  2. At the bottom of the screen you can find the Menu which can be seen as a three lined bar and you have to place your finger on it and swipe it up to reveal the menu options. how to use contact transfer app to import contact to nokia x x+ and xl
  3. From the list you should tap on the Import/Export and you will be getting various options to help import contacts like – Import from SIM, Import from storage, Export to SIM card, Export to storgae, share visible contacts. how to import contacts to nokia x x+ and xl
  4. From the list tap on the Import from SIM which will transfer the contacts to your phone
  5. And you will also be getting an option to transfer or sync your contacts into your corporate or Outlook account so that next time you can directly transfer contacts from email.

How to transfer Contacts using Bluetooth to Nokia X, X+ and XL:

If you earlier had a phone which has bluetooth then you can use an App called Contact Transfer App which is available on Store on your device.

  1. Install the Contact transfer App to your Nokia X, X+ or XL device.
  2. Turn on Bluetooth on your old device and also on your new device and launch the contacts transfer app.
  3. The App will show a list of available phones to connect over bluetooth and you can find your old device in this list as well, tap on your old phone and wait for the app to connect.
  4. The app will show the number of contacts available on your old phone and will ask you permission to transfer the contacts and the app will automatically either replace or add contacts which have the same first and alst names.
  5. Tap on Continue and the transfer will start automatically without any problem and if youhave thousands of contacts it might take some time but if you have less contacts it will be finished fast.


How to transfer Contacts fromvCard and SD card: 

Direct transfer from Gmail into Nokia X, X+ and XL is not availablea t the moment so we have to download the contacts list in the form of vCard into an SD card and from there you have to transfer the contacts into your device.

  1. First open on your Laptop or PC where you have to sign in with the account which has the contacts
  2. Open menu and tap on More, then from the options tap on Export all contacts in VCard format. how to use gmail to transfer contacts to nokia x x+ and xl
  3. After you have download the file in vCArd format to your laptop or pc you have to connect your SD card being used on your nokia device to your laptop or pc and transfer the vCard file to it.
  4. Go to your Nokia X, X+ or XL device Home Screen and tap to open the Astro File Manager App which ahs a File icon
  5. Tap on SD Card option available in the list mostly the first icon
  6. Then open the folder in which you have saved the vCard file and you will be seeing the file named as Google
  7. Tap on it and you will get a pop up box asking you if you want to use File editer or the Peoples App.
  8. Tap on the People App to transfer the contacts form SD card to your Nokia X, X+ and XL device.
  9. You will get another option to save the contacts on your phone memory or save it to your Outlook account.


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