How to take / capture screenshots in Apple watch

Apple watch has been a run out success for the company, as their first wearable device. It mainly comes with special features like Apple pay, digital crown on its side which looks like a knob at the right and acts like a sleep/wake button as well, pressing it navigates you to the home screen. It also acts as a fitness and health tracking device which monitors your regular activities, comes along with heart rate monitor etc.

You can also use the Apple watch for controlling devices, navigate Apple TV menu, enable Do Not Disturb and Airplane mode on your Apple device. The Apple watch comes along with Siri, as well. Taking screenshots of you smartphones to share something interesting or important has been a practice for long and with the Apple watch doing all that a phone can do, we need the option to take screenshot of the Apple watch and here are:

How to take or capture screenshot in Apple watch

Two methods for capturing screenshot in Apple watch:

Method #1:

  1. Choose the screen which is to be captured on your Apple watch
  2. Click the button on the side and the digital crown at once, you will be hearing a sound similar to the one on your iPhone indicating that the Screenshot has been taken.

Method #2:

  • Press and hold the side button and immediately click the digital crown, this captures the screen on your Apple watch.

Where can I find my Apple watch screenshots?

The screenshots that are captured on your Apple watch are saved directly in your iPhone photos app. As the size, of the screenshots, are small (216×290 for 42mm), they are transferred in a fraction of second to your iPhone.

  • Install photos app on your iPhone
  • Tap on photos tab which is present on the left corner at the bottom
  • You can find the screenshots captured by your Apple watch there. These screenshots are saved in iCloud photo library as well under All photos.

There is also an option of sharing the screenshots just as you share other photos by tapping on the share icon.

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