How to take Screenshot on LG G2

The latest flagship device from LG called as G2 is a powerful top end smartphone with some specifications like a 5.2-inch 1920 x 1080 display, which gives us a 424 PPI density. With a chipset – Qualcomm MSM8974 Snapdragon 800, with a 2.26GHz quad-core Krait 400 which is top notch and will give some tough competition to the top devices like Galaxy S4, Moto X, iPhone 5s, 5c, HTC One ..etc

It also comes with 16GB and 32GB variants, with 2GB RAM and a 13 MP Camera and a Back placed physical button which can perform some major functions, the back of the phone has the Power button and volume options above and below the button and there are no physical buttons on the front side of the device.

So with the odd placement of the buttons people are confused on how to take a screenshot in LG G2 smartphone, so here we are going to give a step by step tutorial.

How to take Screenshot in LG G2:

There are 2 methods of taking Screenshot in LG G2, one being the

  1. Physical method of using the Physical button and volume rockers
  2. Software method by LG of screenshot taking, which does not require any physical buttons

Physical Buttons Method of Screenshot taking in LG G2:

The buttons used in the procedure are the Power Button and Volume Down, it is a tedious procedure and i must it requires some Surgical technique to get it done as you can see in the image below

how to take screenshots in lg g2

  1. Turn the Phone on its back so that you face the camera
  2. Press the Volume Down and Power Button at the same time
  3. Hold down both the buttons until you hear a Screen Capture sound
  4. You will see a message in the notifications area “Saving Screenshot”
  5. You can access the photo in the Gallery or in the notification area as well immediately after Screen Capture

Software method of Screen capture in LG G2:

LG has given its users with a Software called Quick Memo, which we are all aware of from the Optimus series of phones by LG which had this App which allowed the used to save the Picture or Screenshot in Quick Memo folder and even play with it using some tool provided.

  1. Open the Notification Bar
  2. Click on Quick Setting Menu
  3. On the Left most of the box you can see the Quick Memo option
  4. Click on it and the screen on which you are working on will be captured and you will get many options
  5. Save the Image/Screenshot in Gallery or Notebook app or you can even share it with any App by clicking on the Save icon on top of the image.

After step 4 you will get ma

ny options to select between four different pen tip styles or a snipping tool as well as 16 different colors for the pens



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