How to Take screenshot in Windows 8.1 OS in smartphones

Taking a Screenshot in Windows smartphones has changed from the 8.1 OS update and we will show you here how to take a screenshot in windows smartphone running on Windows 8.1 be it Nokia Lumia, HTC or any other smartphone running on Widnows OS.

Here I am going to show you using the Nokia Lumia 1020 how to take screenshot in your woindows 8.1 OS running mobile devices.

Earlier in Nokia Lumia devices taking a screenshot was by pressing the power button and the Home button or the Windows icon present on front of the screen which is not the case now as you can see in the image below.

How to take screenshot in Nokia Lumia devices

  1. Take your Windows device and facing the screen towards yourself
  2. On the right side of the device you can see the Power button in the middle and the volume rockers on top
  3. Place one finger on Volume upĀ button and another finger on the Power buttonĀ 
  4. Now at the same time press both the buttons together and this will instantly capture a screenshot
  5. You can see that a screenshot is captured with a clicking sound and on the screen as well

That is it you have captured a screenshot on your Windows device running on 8.1 and if you are using Windows 8.0 in your device you have to follow the next mentioned steps:

  1. Here screenshot is taken by pressing the Power button on the right and the Home or the Windows icon present below the screen
  2. This was considerably difficult as we have to press a physical button and another touch icon together where the screenshot was not always captured

After you have captured the screenshot the image will be saved in your photos gallery and you can check them out and edit them or share them right from there. Do let us know if you would like a video of the same and any other tips about windows devices which we would be posting as a post and video.

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