How to take Screenshot in Nokia X, X+ and XL

Taking screenshots is a necessity these days in all smartphones which is a great way to share something which cannot be explained in words or messages etc. And taking screenshots in many phones has been explained by us in earlier posts for phones like LG G2 

Microsoft which owns Nokia has tried to enter into the Android market by launching devices like Nokia X, X+ and XL. If you want to take screenshots of Nokia X, X+ and XL we can easily do it by following the below given tutorial.

How to take Screenshots of Nokia X, X+ and XL devices:

Take your Nokia X, X+ or XL device and unlock the screen if you want to try this trick first, or if you want to capture a webpage or an image or a drawing or a chat thread then you can just open the page you want to take the screenshot of.

Now using both your hands (i use thumbs of both my hands) to hold the phone and using two fingers one to hold the Power button and the other to hold the Volume Down button.

Press and hold both the buttons at the same time, do not remove any button until you get a Shutter sound or Click sound and the screen of your device will flash once telling you that the screenshot was taken or captured. how to take screenshot in nokia x x+ and xl

The image will be automatically saved in your Gallery. If you are not able to find your saved screenshot image follow this – Go to App launcher -> find the Gallery App -> scroll to find the Screenshots folder, here you will find your image saved to be used.

You can send the screenshot to be send via whats app or mail or any messenger to share with your friends etc

Nokia and Microsoft have made sure that Nokia just does not restrict itself to windows but will also try to get a piece of the android market being dominated by Samsung at the moment, and it is being quite successful in doing so as the sales of the device are pretty high and it is getting good response apart form the few complains about not having WhatsApp which was solved in Nokia XL and if you want to get Whats App on Nokia X or X+ you can follow this tutorial – WhatsApp on Nokia X and X+

Do let us know if you found our tutorial helpful and if you have any more doubts or problems with your Nokia devices which we will be clearing in the comments section.


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