How to Tag a Friend or Page with Different Name or Text in Facebook Status updates

Facebook being the leading social networking site in the internet has increased its potential from being a hangout to becoming a very important part of peoples life, and here is a thing which everyone would like to do, be it just to troll someone or for bloggers and advertisers who use Facebook as an advertising medium. To tag your friend, a Page or any link in a different name or different text would be really helpful to make your status updates more professional looking and fun at the same time.

Steps to tag a friend or Page with different name or text in Facebook Status updates:

1. Go to the Facebook page or Friends Profile and Copy the url to their profile:

  • User or friends profile will look like this:
  • Page url will look like this:

2. Go to this Link: Findmyfacebookid

how to check numeric i.d of facebook page

3. Paste the facebook i.d which you earlier copied from facebook in the box available on the page and click submit

  • Note: The link should be without https:// as the site generates its own

4. Now you will be getting a number as the numeric ID as seen in the image below. Copy this number and save it somewhere. facebook numeric id for tagging

5. Now go to your Facebook page or Profile and in the Status Update bar you have to use this Code to link or tag your friend or page with a different name or text.

  • @@[0:[Page or Profile i.d number:1:CUSTOM_TEXT]] @[Page or Profile i.d number:0]

6. Copy paste the exact code into your Status update and you need to make the following changes:

  • Replace Page or Profile i.d number with the number you have copied and saved earlier like seen in the image below
  • Replace CUSTOM_TEXT with the desired text or name which you want the profile or page to be tagged as.

tag fb page or users with different textYou can see the example for this in the image.

7. After you have done this all you need to do is click submit and you can see that your friend or Page i.d is tagged or linked with a different name or Text in your status update. tag fb page or users with different text1

Now you can easily tag your friends and facebook pages with different names and it is a easy task for advertisers in facebook too.

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