How to Stop Picassa and Google+ pictures from showing up in Gallery

Many users are facing this problem of Picassa and Google plus albums being seen in the Gallery App in Android devices which can neither be deleted or hidden directly. This is seen when you sync your Google profile with your Android smartphone or Tablet device, the photos are directly synced to your device and are shown in a separate folder as Picassa or Google Plus with all the photos in uploaded in your profile seen in your Android Gallery. How to remove picasa and google plus photos from android gallery app

If you delete the photos and the folder, the photos will magically re appear each time your phone is synced or updated and this can become a big problem with personal photos showing up in your Gallery and this happening over and over again.

For people who are facing this problem there is a really simple solution which can help you remove or stop Picasa and Google+ photos from showing up in your android gallery app.

1. Tap on the Setting App and the go to Accounts

2. From this choose Google (As Picasa and Google+ are associated with your Google account)

3. You will find an option “Sync Google Photos” and “Sync Picasa Web Albums” both of which should be deselected

4. Now you have to go back to the main Settings page and tap on “Applications”

5. Tap on “All” and now the list of App stored on your device will be shown

6. Scroll through the list and tap on “Gallery”

7. Select “Clear Data” from the page and this will now remove all the stored Picasa and Google+ photos.

Now that you have removed the synced Google+ and Picasa photos from Gallery and the setting have been changed you will not see the photos in the future in your Gallery App, saving you from loosing your privacy and also saving the effort of regularly deleting picassa and google+ photos from the Gallery App.

Now you can see only the Camera, Downloads, and other App related photos like WhatsApp, Hike etc which you have installed on your device. This technique works on Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC and other smartphones which run on Android OS.

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