How to Stop or Disable Suggested articles in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most used browser in both PC’s, laptops and smartphones alike and a new tab on Google chrome was earlier a blank canvas with just the Google Search bar displayed on it. But recently Google has started showing up Recently visited websites shortcuts and Recommended articles below the Search bar in the name of “Articles for you”. It gives the list of articles from the websites which you have been visiting taking cues from your browsing history. I certainly like it as it keeps me updated about the latest updates in the technology world, something similar to Google Now in your Android device. But my wife just hates it and wanted me to get rid of it, so while looking for how to get rid of Recommended articles in Google chrome browser for PC, Laptop or mobile, thought of why not making a tutorial which can helpful for users like me.

How to Disable or Stop Recommended Articles in Google Chrome

Steps to Disable or Stop Suggested Articles on Google Chrome:

To turn off suggested Articles in new tab section on Google Chrome you need to set Chrome flags (ntp popular sites and ntp snippets) to Disabled which can be done by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Click to the following link – chrome://flags/#enable-ntp-popular-sites (paste it in the chrome bar)
  • Here you will be seeing many options set in default, search for “Show popular sites on the New Tab page”
  • This will be set to “Default”, tap on it and you will bee seeing a pop up showing Default, Enabled and Disabled options. Tap on the “Disable” option and the setting will be saved.
  • Once done with popular sites, Go to this link – chrome://flags/#enable-ntp-snippets (paste it in the link bar)
  • Here you will need to look for “Show content snippets on the New Tab Page” option
  • You will see that it will be set to Default. Tap on it and you will be getting a pop-up page showing you multiple options to choose from
  • In the bottom of the list, you can find the option – “Disabled“, tap on it to select it.

Now you need to Restart Google Chrome application for saving the settings, once the browser restarts the settings will be applied and you will now be seeing an empty new tab page with just the Google Search bar and nothing else. The settings are carried forward even if the application is updated, in case they show up again go through the same process to remove the Suggested articles or top sites in Google Chrome new tab.


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