How to Stop or Block Jio from showing ads on your Android smartphone

With Relaince jio offering what no one else has offered – unlimited calling a 4G data at nominal prices the number of Jio users has increased drastically, every person has a Jio SIM as their second number. One issue which I have faced personally is, as soon as I placed the Jio SIM in my 4G VoLTE enabled smartphone and activated the SIM I am being bombarded with ads not just in Jio apps but each and every place even on home screen. The ads are Full screen overlay ads which are quite irritating and usually come in the way when you are doing something important.

Relaince Jio 4G commonly asked questions and doubts answered

Of you are facing the same problem and want to block of stop the Jio Overlay ads in your Android smartphone follow any of the below mentioned methods –

Best Method to block Jio ads: Contact Jio customer care (1800 889 9999) and mention that you are seeing overlay ads and you want to disable them. You will be asked for your IMEI number and the Jio team will stop the ads from appearing on your Android smartphone.

All the other methods are tried and have been found to be useful to some and not useful for some.

Merhod 1: Uninstall all Jio apps installed on your Android smartphone – MyJio, Jio 4G Voice etc which are the source of these Ads. ( This is the most aggressive one)

Method 2: You need to disable all permissions given to all the Jio apps (most importantly permission to “draw over the apps”). Long press on the Jio apps one after the other and tap on the “info” button, go to “App permissions” and here uncheck all the options which are checked. The main one being “Draw over other apps” this will stop the Jio apps from opening the ads while you are using other apps.

Method 3: Use – Greenify app which hibernates selected apps from running in the background. Install the app and select all the Jio apps in it.

Method 4: Go to Data and turn off data access to all Jio apps installed on your device.

Method 5: Install AdAway application by rooting your Android device. It is a as block application which blocks access from certain IP addresses

Among all the mentioned methods the most useful one was calling up the customer care number to do so, many users have mentioned that all the other steps were not useful and they eventually had to contact customer care to block Jio overlay ads on Android smartphone.


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