How to Stop or Turn Off On this Day or Memories feature on Facebook

Facebook has started this features called “Facebook Memories” which displayed your past photos on that particular day as “On This Day” or “A Year Ago” on your timeline and appears as notifications.  Not all the photos or memories shown by this feature are happy or bring back good or happy memories, some might be sad and ones which we would not like to recollect.

As requested by many users to show a way to stop this feature on Facebook while using browser as well as in the App we are writing this tutorial. Facebook seems to have integrated this feature into the Site and there seems to be no way to completely opt out of it, but we can actually turn the posts off by following the steps shown below.

How to Stop or opt out of ‘On This Day’ Feature on Facebook:

This tutorial shows you how to stop the feature on the browser.

From the Facebook Website on Browser go to your News Feed

Scroll down on your News feed and on the left side of the page you will find Apps

Under Apps you will notice the ‘On This Day’ App in the list along with other games or Apps which you might have installed

How to stop or opt out of On This Day feature in Facebook


The App Page will show the memories from the past. On the upper right side of the screen above the About section you will find “Notifications” tab.

How to stop One this day notifications in facebook


Click on the Notifications Tab and from the options select Off which will now turn off all the memories from coming on your timeline. If you want to turn the One This Day feature ON, you have to follow the same process.

There is also an option to filter your On this Day memories. Beside the Notifications option you will find Preferences option.

On This day feature preferences in facebook


Here you can select people from being shown in your memories along with certain dates which you do not want to be recollected of. This is particularly useful as even after you have unfriended someone their photos or memories will turn up on your timeline.

Select dates to stop on this day in facebook


You can select the time frame within which you do not want to see the memories, I selected Jan 1st 1999 to Dec 2nd 2015 as the dates within which I do not want the memories to show up.

Stop On this day in facebook

This totally stopped the memories from showing up and not just the notifications.

Try these steps and you will also be able to remove the One This day feature completely or just remove selected people from showing up in your timeline and you can also select certain dates in which you want the memories to be removed. With the option of selecting a time frame you can even opt out of the memories showing up completely.

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