How to Stop Facebook App from Accessing Photos and Videos in your Android Phone

Facebook has been in news for all the wrong reasons, one of which is because it was confirmed that it was spying and tracking users data and even calls and messages from the phone on which the App was installed on. Keeping those aside, one of the main concerns of users is the access of Facebook to your Photos and Videos on your Android device.

While installing Facebook or during uploading or saving photos and Videos from Facebook to your Android device you will be getting a Notification asking you to grant permission for Facebook to access your Photos or Videos from your Gallery on your Android device. If you say yes, you will be granting permission to Facebook app to have access to all your photos and videos stored on your Android smartphone. In case you have done it already and want to turn the option Off, follow the steps mentioned below to do it.

Steps to Stop Facebook from Accessing Photos on your Android Smartphone:

Users grant permission to Facebook by mistake most of the time as many do not read notifications properly before selecting an option.  So if you might have by mistake granted permission to Facebook to access Photos and Videos on your phone, you can undo it by following these steps.

Step 1: Tap on Settings option in your Android Phone

Step 2:  Now scroll down to find Apps or Apps Management under Device

Step 3: Under the Applications tab, search for Facebook App and tap on it

Step 4: Under Facebook App info, you can see the option – Permissions, tap on it

How to Stop Facebbok App from Accessing your Photos and Videos in Android Phone

Step 5: Here you will be seeing the options – Phone, SMS and Storage. Tap on the Storage option to turn off the Toggle switch to access Storage.

That is it, you can even Turn Off the Phone and SMS toggle option which prevents Facebook from accessing your Phone and SMS data on your Android device.

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