How to Stop/Disable App notifications in Android

Android Operating System is evolving day by day and earlier there used to be notifications of just missed calls, messages, mails etc but now every Applications is getting notifications which regularly keep coming up in the notification bar can sometimes be irritating with games and other apps showing notifications and updates. I have got many messages asking me to show a way to get rid of and stop App notifications like Zynga Poker, Candy Crush Saga etc which keep giving notifications regularly.

So here is a way to get notifications of just Essential Apps like Email, Facebook etc and stop or remove App notifications of Zynga Poker, Gmail, twitter etc.

How to Disable App Notifications in Android Jellybean and later OS:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Application Manager or Apps
  3. A list of installed Apps will be shown How to stop App notifications in Android OS
  4. Click on the App for which you want to Remove or Stop Notifications from appearing in the notifications Bar
  5. As seen in the image below you will be getting the following options Force Stop, Uninstall, “Show Notifications (Tick Box)”, Clear Cache, Clear Data.
  6. To stop notifications of the Selected App you have to Uncheck the “Show Notifications” Tick box How to prevent app notifications in android smartphones and tablets
  7. This will stop any further notifications from appearing on your Notification drop box

To stop notifications from many apps you have to do it individually by opening each app from the Apps list and follow the same procedure as mentioned in the list above.

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