How to Stop Data usage when Screen is Off in Sony Xperia Z

Constant Data Usage even when the screen is turned off is a common thing in today’s smartphones with Background Apps running constantly trying to update regularly in the background with notifications. This affects the Battery life and also uses up a lot of Mobile Data when on the move. In case you are using wifi the battery life will be affected as the phone is constantly connected to wifi and also runs apps in the background.

To help in conserving Battery and preserving mobile Data we should make sure that Mobile data is turned off when we are not using the device. But for this you have to turn off Mobile data and turn it on when ever you require which is a big procedure. Here is a technique which lets you Automatically turn off Mobile Data when the Screen is turned off in Sony Xperia Z.How to stop data useage and background apps in xperia z when screen is off

How to Turn Off Mobile Data automatically when screen is Off in Xperia Z:

  1. Go to Settings application
  2. Go to Device settings and tap on Power Management.
  3. Enable STAMINA Mode which automatically disables mobile data and Wi-Fi when the screen is off in Sony Xperia Z.
  4. STAMINA option can be Customized as per requirement, you have to tap on it to open the settings

How to Customize Stamina Mode in Sony Xperia Z:

  1. Tap Activation to specify when to enable STAMINA mode.
  2. With this you can specify when the Stamina Mode is activated after the battery level reaches a certain level.
  3. For ex you can choose 50% as the level at which the Stamina mode is activated on your device.

How to Stop selected Apps from running in the Background when Screen is Off in Android:

This Step should be followed in all the devices to make sure that Notifications and only those Apps are updated which you select bu creating a While List in Stamina Mode. This lets us choose which apps should be running in the background and which apps are restricted.

  1. Follow the same steps as in the first tutorial and then after clicking on the Customize Stamina mode
  2. Tap on Add Applications to create a white list of Apps.
  3. These selected Apps in the white list will not be restricted when the phone is in standby, but all the other apps will be restricted from updating while the screen is turned off

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