How to Stop Auto download of Apps and Ads on Micromax smartphones

With Micromax phones the common complaint which we hear from users is, unwanted advertisements appearing on their own in the notification panel. This is mostly due to applications being installed on their own without the users permission which is unacceptable as this might pose a risk to your data being accessed by malicious applications.

Another common questions how does the advertisements pop up in Notification bar in Micromax smartphones?. Micromax has included a third-party software update application replacing the official Software update option provided by Google. This third-party software update application is called FWUpgrade.apk from Adups which is a Chinese company. This is one of the many Bloatware or pre-loaded applications which Micromax has preinstalled  in their devices which is the reason for the advertisements and automatic installation or download of applications in your smartphones.

How to stop ads and auto download of apps in micromax smartphones

Now that we have pinpointed the cause for these sudden advertisements and automatic download of third-party applications all on their own, let us see how we can manually override the FWUpgrade.apk software update application.

You can follow the below-given steps to either uninstall the application if the option is available or disable the app. If neither of the options are available you can disable internet for the specific application.

How to Uninstall or Disable third-party application to prevent Advertisements and auto App downloads in Micromax smartphones:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on the Apps
  • Then tap on All Apps
  • Scroll through the list of applications and tap on the ¬†FWUpgrade.apk app
  • There you can find either the Disable or Uninstall option (Micromax has removed Disable or Uninstall options in some devices)

If you are not able to find any of the above-mentioned options you have to follow the next step which is to stop Mobile data to the specific application preventing it from downloading applications automatically to your Micromax Smartphone.



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