How to solve or Fix Windows phone Error 80073cf9

Many users are facing this Error 80073cf9 in their Windows phones while installing apps like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, skype etc which is turning out to be very problematic as the error is not seen for all apps but only a few apps.

Usually we try to point out the reason due to which the error is coming up but here there doesn’t seem to be a particular cause and there are multiple solutions to the problem. Do try each step properly as what will fix your phone is not clear.

Check and Free Storage Space:

If you are having less storage space then the ap cannot be downloaded, sometimes the default location for app to be saved will be either SD card or Phone storage and you have to change it to the other by making sure where space is available.

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll through the options and tap on Storage Sense
  • Check the settings whether the default location is set as Store new apps on SD card then you have to make it to Phone storage and if it is set as store new apps on Phone storage then change it to SD card.
  • Save the new settings and then try to install the app or update it.

If the app is stored in Phone storage you can move the app to SD card after installation. If this step is not helping then the problem might be due to the change in location or region settings, to fix it read the next tutorial.

How to solve or fix error 80073cf9 in windows phone while installing apps

Check Location / Region Settings to Fix Error Error 80073cf9:

Some users faced this error as their regional settings saved in device were not matching with the settings in their account. In case your device is also having this problem, follow these steps to fix the error.

Before you go ahead with this step make sure that all the pending Downloads are cancelled and then start the process of changing the location. After the download you have to allow location info to app.

  • Tap on Settingsicon
  • Scroll through the options and tap on Region’s also check Locations
  • Check the Region settings and make sure that it is matching with the settings on your Microsoft account.
  • Now go to Location settings and turn it ONas it will take your current location.
  • Save the Settings and go back to the download page if you have any pending downloads or go to Windows store and try to re install the updates.

If you are able to download well and good if you are not then go to the next step for getting the solution for Error 80073cf9.

Soft Reset your Windows Phone to fix Error 80073cf9:

On your Windows device hold the Volume down + Power button together for a few until the phone vibrates.

Now you can leave the buttons and wait for your phone to turn off and will turn on automatically. In some phones the Power Off button will be shown but you should not tap on it.

After you phone turns on try to install or update the app which was showing the Error and hopefully it will be fixed.

Do let us know which step has helped you fix the Error in comments section and also mention if you have any other trick which has helped you fix this error.

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