How to Solve or Fix Insufficient space available on device in Android devices

Many Android users have complained about an irritating error “Insufficient space available” in their device even if there is more than enough storage space available on device. The Error is arising when users are trying to install any applications or updating applications through Google Play store and sometimes even when opening some installed apps. It comes as follows “Error downloading “App name”. There is insufficient space on the device”. This is what everyone is facing and this can be due to insufficient space on your device which can be solved or fixed by clearing space on your device.

How to fix insufficient space available in android device

In case there is not enough space on your device you have to follow the below given steps:

You can delete or uninstall any unused apps on your device which will free some space on your device and if you do not want to delete any apps you can clear cache and data on your apps to free some space.

Install any App cache cleaner Apps on your device like the App Cache Cleaner or Clean Master from Play store if you are able to get the particular app installed or else you have to clear cache manually for each applications installed on your device.

If you were able to download the app use it to clear cache on all apps and just go back and try to install applications.

To clear cache manually you need to go to Settings > Applications Manager > Select each app and Clear cache in each app. Go back to Play store and try installing applications or updating them.

If the Error is coming up again then you need to follow the next step to get rid of this insufficient space error in your android device.

Fix Insufficient space error by deleting dumpstate/logcat from SysDump for Samsung devices:

This Solution has worked in all the Samsung devices perfectly and sometimes the error starts to come up after some days, you have to follow the same procedure and get rid of this error again.

In your Samsung device go to the Dialler and enter *#9900# and press the call button. (this code works only for Samsung devices, all other devices will get a invalid code)

How to fix insufficient space available on device error on android device

Now you will be taken to the “SysDump” menu and here you will be seeing many options

Tap on the “Delete dumpstate/logcat” tab

You will be getting a pop up box asking you if you want to “Delete Dump!” tap on “OK”

That is it you have completed the steps and now you can go back to Google Play Store and update or install applications without facing this Error. This step actually helps in clearing the Dump files stored on your device which are stored overtime and are not deleted by clearing cache and data. There are many other devices in which this error is being seen like Samsung, Lenovo, HTC, Sony Xperia  etc.

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