How to Solve or Fix Error Windows Phone Error 80072f8f

Many Windows phone users have been complaining about an Error which is appearing while trying to check for an update. A reader who is using a Nokia Lumia 1020 wrote that while he was trying to check for an update for the latest OS in settings was constantly getting this message ‘Windows Update Error 80072f8f’ and was asking how to fix this error.

There was another user who got the message ‘We are currently unable to check for updates (80072f8f)’ while checking for Phone update under settings. Before we go into the steps to fix this error let us see why this error comes in the first place so that it will be easier for us to fix this and make sure we do not face it I the future.

How to solve or fix Error 80072f8f in windows phone update

What is the cause of Error 80072f8f?

This windows phone update error is seen mainly if your phone date and time do not match with the date and time from where the phone was purchased from. This mismatch in the present date and time in comparison to the date and time of the phone will lead to Error 80072f8f.

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Steps of How to fix Error 80072f8f while updating Windows phone:

The sole reason for your Microsoft Lumia phone running on windows to face this error is the mismatch of date and time and this can be fixed by setting the date and time correct which will be shown step by step below. All Microsoft lumia devices Lumia 1020, 1320, 920, 925, 830, 720, 730, 640, 520, 530 etc.

From your Lumia Windows home screen scroll left and tap on Settings from the list of apps

In Settings page under system scroll for date + time and tap on it

In this page you will see that in the second option the Set Automatically option is turned ON. What this does is sets the time according to your network provider which messes up with the phone time settings and causes this error.

You have to Turn it OFF and now you need to set your time zone manually keeping in mind the location in which your windows phone was purchased from.

After you have changed the settings go back to your Home screen

Now check for Windows phone OS update from settings and Phone update option to check to make sure that you are not facing this error again while checking or updating your windows device.

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