How to Solve or Fix Error Code 80C805E2 in Windows Phones

When you are using your Windows mobile like in the Nokia Lumia series or HTC devices there are many users who have complained of facing a problem while trying to Sync Google or Microsoft Accounts like Gmail, Hotmail account or accounts which are the latest to your Windows 8 Phone.

When the users are trying to sync Hotmail or Outlook account an Error is appearing saying “We’re having a problem syncing your information” and showing an Error Code 80C805E2 as seen in the image below.
If you are trying to Sync Google Account this error is seen saying “We are having a problem downloading messages. Maker sure you are having a connection and your account info is correct and try again”.
This Error is seen by many users in case of Text messages and email accounts like Gmail and Hotmail or Outlook.

how to solve error code 80c805e2

Why does 80C805E2 error occur:
This error occurs according to Microsoft in one of the two reasons:

  1. When you are deleting multiple text messages at a time
  2. When you are transferring or deleting multiple mails in your Mail account

So after deleting when you try to Sync you device with Mail this error occurs and apart from the Solutions which I ma going to explain there is no official and permanent solution for these errors from Microsoft which is very disappointing that it is happening with their Mail Account.

How to Solve/Fix Error Code 80C805E2:
I am going to give you multiple solutions to solve this error code as some solution work on some devices. I will be starting with the easiest Solution tricks and going for the difficult ones alter on.

Cancel or Disable Text Messages Back Up:
If the Error is occurring because of the excess number of text messages in your device being backed up the solution for that will be

  • Tap on Start Button and slide the screen from Right to Left to get the Apps List
  • Check for Settings which is a Gear Icon and Tap on it
  • From the Applications list Tap on Messaging and you will be finding the Text message Backup option which should be Turned Off.
  • Scroll down and you will also find the Chat Backup option which should also be turned Off.
  • After you have done this go back to Settings then scroll down to find the Email+accounts option and Tap on it.
  • Then find your Mail account which you want to Syn and Tap and Hold on it till you get the Sync option and Tap on it.

After doing this if you are still not able to Sync your mail account and getting the same error try the next Step.

Sync Trash Folder:

  • From your Home Screen open or Launch your Mail App
  • Then open Inbox
  • Now tap on the 3 dots icon on the bottom of the screen and then tap on Folders in the list
  • Then tap Show all folders where you will be getting the mail folders
  • From the list tap on the Trash or deleted items folder and in the options appearing tap on Sync this Folder.
  • Also Sync the folder to which you are moving folders to. Go back to your Microsoft account and tap on Sync button which might take several minutes to Sync all data.

Reset Email Sync:
When the above tricks are not working try this step as well of resetting your Email Sync which might be the solution.

  • Tap on Start from your Home Screen and go to Settings and Email+Accounts
  • Tap on your Microsoft Account and hold it to get the Settings for the account
  • In the options find the Content to Syn option and Uncheck or Deselect the Email Checkbox and tap on Done.
  • Go back to settings of your Microsoft account and go back to the Content to Sync and Reselect the Email check box which was deselected earlier and tap on Done.

Now when you try to open your mail the error must be gone for most of the users but if you are from the some unlucky one’s to be getting this error even after this then the only option left is to Reset your Phone.

How to Reset your Windows Phone:
This has to be the last resort after all else has failed and as this step will remove all data from your device and bring it back to Factory Settings you have to make sure that you have Backed up all data before going for Factory Reset.

  • From your Home Screen tap on the Start button and scroll your screen to the Left side to get the options
    Scrool and find Settings with the gear icon and Tap on it
  • Then scroll down and tap on About and from the options appearing tap on Reset your Phone
  • You will be asked if you are sure, Tap Yes and again a pop up box appears where you need to Tap YES again.
  • Now the Factory reset procedure will start on its own and your phone will restart on its own after completing the Factory reset.


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