How to solve or Fix Error code 805ab406 in while installing app

Many Errors are seen in Windows phones which are most commonly seen either while installing or updating Applications or while updating your Windows Phone OS. There is one such Error which many users have reported to get while updating or downloading apps from the marketplace. It is being reported while installing most of the apps like whatsapp, or games and it is not any app specific.

The Error is seen to arise in Windows phone OS 8 and its versions. There is no specific OS which is said to cause this Error and the main reason for this error is explained below.

How to solve or fix error code 805ab406 in windows 8 and 8.1 phone

Reason for Error code 805ab406 while installing apps?

This Error has been reported to arise because of the incomplete Microsoft Account profile. If you Microsoft account details have been left empty like the personal info for example Birth date, Home country/region etc this error is seen to be in these cases mostly.

Steps to Fix Error code 805ab406 in Windows Phone:

As we saw that the reason for the error to arise is due to the incomplete Microsoft account Profile you have to sync your Microsoft account with your device to complete the profile details and fix this error.

First go to Settings in your Windows phone

Scroll through the options and tap on Regions and correct it to the Region which is entered in your windows ID

Now visit website which was earlier known and Windows Live ID

Tap on My Account and then login or register your email address

Now you have to tap on Edit personal info

Check the Birth Date and Home Country/region sections are filled correctly

Also check if your account password is not weak, if it is weak you need to change it.

Now just save the settings and go back to the market place and try to install the application which had earlier showed the error 805ab406. If you are still facing this error try to remove the account and register a new account and login to it following the same method.

Do let us know if these steps have helped or you have found any other steps helpful to fix error 805ab406 so that we can add them in the post to help other users facing the same problem. There are some other Errors like 80048264 which are caused do to similar reasons where the date, time, location settings stored on phone are different compared to the ones in your synced mail account.

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