How to Solve or Fix Error code 805a0193 in Windows phones

This is apretty common error seen in many windows phones and ahs been reported by many users while using Marketplace and other internet services are normally functioning. It has been reported in all devices be it windows 7.5, 8.0 or 8.1. According to Microsoft this error code 805a0193 may also occur when you try to connect to a Wi-Fi network, or if you have an incorrect ISP configuration or invalid network settings. As the error is occuring when you are trying to downlaod apps with the help of WiFi connection and it is not seen when downloading with 3G or mobile network connection.

There are some suggestions of changing the location on your market place app but this is not working as many users from all around the world have reported the same error in the Windows phones be it Nokia or HTC. So here are the possible solutions to the problem which we have tried and also got inputs from amny users from around the world and we are trying to put it in one place to be helpful to the users facing this Error 805a0193 while using Market Place.

how to fix Error code 805a0193

Change Time and date settings:

This trick has helped some windows device owners but not everyone has found this useful so try it out and see if it works on your device.

  1. Go to apps list and tap on Settings
  2. Then scroll through tha apps and select Date + Time
  3. And Unselect the Automatic update of Time and Date and select Manual update
  4. Then change the time to some 5 minutes earlier to what it is at the moment and save it.
  5. Now go back to your Market place and try to see if youa re getting the same error or is it fixed.

Update your Profile in Windows Live ID:

We have seen that the Error 805a0193 has been seen in cases where your personal information section in Microsoft Account is incomplete. The fix to this problem is to fill in the details try again, follow the steps mentioned below to complete your personal info details.

  • Go to Microsoft Account and Log in to your account.
  • Now click on Edit Personal Info.
  • Here you can check whether all the details are completely filled or not, and fill the remaining details
  • Now click on Save.
  • Try to install app from Windows Phone Store and check if the Error Code 805a0193 is appearing or not.

Reboot your Windows device to fix error code 805a0193:

Before Rebooting or Resetting your device you have to make sure that you will back up all the data on your device like apps, images, videos, contacts, text messages etc as rebooting your device will erase al the data on your device and you can recover this data if you back up before reboot.

  1. Go to apps list on your Windows device
  2. Tap on Setiings icon
  3. Tap on About which can be seen after scrolling to the bottom of the list
  4. Then tap on Reset your Phone
  5. You will be asked if youa re sure to Reset your device and you have tap on Yes
  6. You will be asked once more to give permission to go for Factory Reset
  7. It will take a while and your device will restart on its own and your device will be reset
  8. Try to install the apps or update to see if it is working or you are getting the same error.

Solutions to other error codes in Windows devices:

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  2. Solution to Error Code 85010014
  3. Solution to Error Code 80C805E2

This has been a common error from Windows 7.5 and Microsoft has not been able to get rid of it even in Windows 8.1 as some devices are still facing the same issue. so hope that Microsoft gets a permanent solution to Error 805a0193.


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