How to Solve “Google Chrome Not Working” problems or issues

Google chrome is one of the leading browsers used over all the platforms be it PC, laptop, tablets or smartphones and although it is lite and fast compared to other browsers, there are some issues and problems which you might encounter due to many reasons where you can find Google Chrome not opening or Google Chrome not working and shutting down so here are some of the basic tips which can solve your Google Chrome browser problems and can solve most of the issues. how to solve google chrome issues or problems

3 Main Solutions for Google Chrome Problems or Issues:

  1. Check for Compatible drivers for your specified Operating System be it Windows 8, 7, XP or Mac.
  2. Check for Latest version of Google Chrome
  3. Check if you have cleared Cache and Cookies

Check for Compatible or Recommended Drivers for your Operating System:

In case you encounter a problem where Google Chrome Crashes right after you open it this might be the reason for it. Sometimes the Drivers are deleted accidentaly or are replaced so if you are having a problem with Google Chrome do use other browser and check for recommended drivers for your operating system which can be found here:

For Windows: Recommended Drivers

1. How to check for Recommended drivers for Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and Apple Mac Operating Systems: 

  1. Windows 8: Press the Windows key + X and select Control Panel -> Click on Windows Update and it will automatically check for any new driver updates available.
  2. Windows 7: Press on Start Button -> In the Search Bar type “Updates” -> Click on Updates and it will automatically check for any new driver updates available.
  3. Windows Vista:  Click on Start Button -> Go to All Programs -> Click on Windows update and it will automatically check for any new driver updates available.
  4. Windows XP:  You have to visit the Microsoft site to check and Update your DriversWindows Update Website
  5. Apple Mac OS X: For updating the latest drivers in Mac you need to visit this siteMac OS X Updates . You can now update your google chrome to the Mountain line Operating System offered by Mac to solve problems with Google Chrome in Mac OS X
  6. Chrome OS (Chromebook): Click the status area in the lower-right corner, where your account picture appears, select Settings and then click on Help on the left.

2. Check if Latest version of Google Chrome is Installed:

This is another reason for problems with Chrome lack of regular updating with new fixes for bugs being introduced regularly so make it a habit of checking and updating when ever an update is available.

  1. How to Automatically update Google Chrome: Go to Google Chrome “Menu” -> Click on the Wrench or Settings icon -> Click on About google Chrome or Update which will automatically check and update Google Chrome.
  2. How to Manually Update Google Chrome: You can update Google Chrome manually i wonder why this is useful but here is the procedure. From your Chrome browser go to “” and you will be finding the rest of the steps to be followed there.

3. How to Clear Cache and Cookies from Google Chrome Browser:

In Google Chrome Browser Open the Chrome Menu (or Wrench icon on older versions) -> Tools -> Clear browsing data.

In the pop up box that appears, select the check boxes for:

  • Clear browsing history
  • Clear download history
  • Delete cookies and other site plug-in data
  • Empty the cache

Note: Make sure you select the beginning of time from the drop-down menu at the top. You can also choose to clear saved passwords, saved auto-fill form data, data from hosted apps and de-authorise content licenses if you think these may be linked to the issue with your Google Chrome Browser.

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