How to Solve / Fix Error Processing Purchase DF-BPA-09 in Google Play Store

Google Play store has thousands of Apps available for download and there are millions of users purchasing, downloading and updating apps at any moment of time all around the world and from different devices of different companies and hence there are many Errors which users are facing one such Error is this “Error Processing Purchase DF-BPA-09 ” which is seen by users are purchasing any App from Play store be it paid or free. This Error prevents purchase of App from Play Store and users get the following message while the App Download is starting.
how to solve or fix error processing purchase df-bpa-09 in play store
So here are some tried and tested methods to help Solve or Fix Error Processing Purchase DF-BPA-09 in Google Play Store:

If you have faced some Errors in Google Play Store before like Error 492, Error 941, Error 495 and fix them following our tutorials you might know that Clearing Data and Cache from Play Store app fixes the problem most of the times. Here are steps to clear data and Cache from Google play Store App

  1. Tap on Settings app from your Android smart phone Home screen
  2. From the list of options given below tap on Applications
  3. Then on top you can see the All tab, tap on it
  4. Scroll through the options and then select Google Service Framework and tap on it
  5. Here you can see the App details, from which you have to tap on Force Stop first to stop functions
    and then below it find Clear Data tap on it and then tap on OK
  6. In the same tab you can see that there is Cache option below and if you can see any data under cache tap on the Clear Cache button and then press OK

That is it now you have to go back to your Home screen and then tap on Google Play store and try installing or purchasing the app once again and you will not be facing the Error processing Purchase DF-BPA-09.

If you are facing the same problem once again then you have to remove your Google account in Google Play Store and once again insert your Google account and try purchasing the App from play store.

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