How to Solve / Fix Error Code 920 in Google Play Store

In Google Play store there are many Errors which are appearing in various models of smartphones and as one error is rectified by Google with a new update another one pops up and one such error which is troubling Android users is Error 920 which appears when downloading or Updating Applications from Google Play Store which reads like this “Update or Download for “Application” could not be downloaded due to error. (920)”.How to Fix Error Code 920 while updating apps in Google Play Store

This Error is appearing for many users and with the sheer number of android devices and companies using their own skin over Stock android it becomes difficult to get a single sure shot solution to an Error so I am going to give you 3 or 4 Solutions which were useful to users of various android devices so that you can fix Error 920 with one or the other trick mentioned.

Fix for Error 920 in Google Play Store running on Cyanogen Mod:

If you are using Cyanogen Mod in your Android device and are facing the Error 920 then you have to remove it and install TouchWiz from Samsung to fix the Error and I have tried the below mentioned steps with a device running Cyanogen Mod and was unsuccessful and could only fix Error 920 on device running on Cyanogen Mod by  removing it.

Trick one to Fix Error 920 faced during App Update or Installation: 

  1. If you are downloading or installing an application over Wifi then you have to close Play Store first
  2. Then go to settings and turn your Wifi Off and then turn it back ON and try installing the application from Google Play Store

This trick worked in some cases but not in all so if you are still facing the error try the next step.

Trick Two – Clear Cache and Clear Data:

This trick always works in solving many Play Store Errors to Clear Cache and Clear DataHow to fix or solve error 920 in google play store

  1. Tap on Settings -> Applications Manager or All Apps
  2. Scroll through the list of Apps and tap on Google Play Store App to open it
  3. Now in the new Page first Tap on Force Stop -> then tap on Clear Data -> Clear Cache
  4. Now close the App and Restart your Android Device and try again from Play Store to Install or Update the Application.

Trick Three Change or Remove and Add Google account: 

This Error can sometimes be seen due to the mail account which was synced and the servers not responding to the particular mail account so you have to change or remove and add back the same account to your Play Store

  1. Tap on Settings ->  the Accounts -> Tap on Google Accounts
  2. Then tap on Delete your Google Account Synced with Google Play -> Go back and Restart your device
  3. Now go back to Google accounts in settings and tap on Add Google account and you can add a new Gmail account or use the earlier one to sign in.
  4. Try to Install or Update the Application which was showing the error and your Error might be solved with this and you can install applications on your android device without any problem.

Due to the number of devices running on Android it is difficult to say which trick works on which device or for devices from which company like Samsung, Sony, LG, Motorola, Micromax.. etc.


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