How to Solve / Fix “Error Code 504” in Google Play Store

There are a lot of Apps in Google Play Store and with many Errors being faced by users while installing Applications, one of the common Errors faced during installation or updating an Application like Facebook from Google Play Store is “Unknown Error Code during application installation: “-504”. This Error is seen in users or devices having slower internet connection or mobile data networks and is most probably a gateway timeout error due to the slow internet connection.

One of the most simple fix which many users have used successfully is by connecting to a faster internet connection, if you are facing this error on your mobile data network, try to download the App using WiFi network. Most of the users have successfully fixed the Error by doing this and do try it out. In case you are not able to fix this Error follow the below mentioned Solutions which have been tried and found useful to Fix Error 504 while Installing Apps in Google Play Store.

How to fix or solve Error Code 504 in Google Play Store

Solution 1 to Fix Error 504:

This Solution involves Clear Cache and Data, this will help in removing any settings which are stored in Cache and Data leading to this Error 504 in Google Play Store.

  • Go Settings and then Tap on Apps in some devices or Application Manager
  • Under the list of Apps scroll and find the Google Play Store and tap on it
  • Tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache in the Play Store page
  • The Same has to be done with Google Play Services

Go back to the Home screen and then open Google Play Store and try to install the application which faced this Error and try updating and Installing the application.

Solution 2:

This solution involves removing your Gmail Account and adding it again. If there is any Error with the Gmail account Syncing with your Play Store this Error is seen.

  • Tap on Settings and head to System Settings tap on Accounts and then Google
  • Here tap on the Remove Gmail Account,  this will unsync or remove your Gmail account from your device
  • You need to follow Solution 1 which clears Cache and Data from your Google Play Store and Google Service Framework to completely remove the Gmail account
  • Now head back to the Accounts and you will be seeing Add your Gmail account option – click on it and add your account

Head back to the Home page and launch the Play Store App and try installing the application in which you were facing this Error.

These are the Solutions to Fix Error Code 504 in Google Play Store while installing or updating any application in your Android device. Do let us know if you found it helpful and in case you have any other better solution mention it in the comments section so that we can add it to the post and help everyone.


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