How to Solve / Fix “Error Code 495” in Google Play Store App install

Android Apps can be downloaded from Google Play Store with the help of Wifi or Mobile Data. There are many Errors which one will encounter many times while downloading and installing the App.  Error 495 in particular is encountered when an Android user attempts to Install any App or Game over Wifi but when the same is downloaded over Mobile Data the error does not appear and vice versa, so if you are trying to install or download the application from mobile data and getting this error try doing it in WiFi and if you are getting the error while downloading from WiFi try using Mobile Data which might solve your problem, if it is still persisting follow the steps shown below.

Error 495 is a simple one which can be solved by the following 3 methods:

Clear Cache and Clear Data in Google Play Store:

The problem is mostly with the Cache and stored Data so clearing the Cache or Data can mostly solve the problem for clearing the cache and Data of Google Play Store you have to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to Settings -> Click on Application Manager or Apps -> Open “All” apps
  2. You will be having a List of Apps on the right side from that find Google Play store App
  3. You should click on the Clear Cache button and Clear Data button as shown in the image below.

Clear Cache and Data for Google Service Framework or Google Play Services:

Follow the same steps as seen in the above tutorial and in the 3rd step instead of opening Google Play Store App you have to search for Google Service Framework and then follow the steps mentioned below

  1. After going to the list of apps find Google Service Framework
  2. Then in the Box on the right of Screen click on both Clear Data and Clear Cache buttonshow to solve or fix error 495 in play store

In most devices of Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorolla, Micromax etc the error 495 will be solved but if the error still appears you have to try this last drastic step which will surely fix the problem.

Reset App Preferences:

This trick has worked according to some users and here is how you have to Reset App preferences in your Android device to fix error 495.

  1. Go to Settings and then tap on Apps
  2. Now you can see the list of Apps which are present in your device
  3. Press the Menu key on your android device
  4. This will bring a pop up box with the Reset App Preferences option which should be selected
  5. Then you have to again tap on Reset Apps option

Remove Gmail Account from Play Store and Add it again:

Some times the linked Gmail account can also be the problem for error 495 to which we have to follow the steps mentioned below to solve it. This is the final solution for Error 495 in Play Store.

Step 1: Open Settings -> then select Accounts which can be seen at the bottom -> Now click on Google

Step 2: The click on Remove Account in the page which will be either present on the right side bottom or the Top left of the page present beside the cancel sync button.

Step 3: Now go back to the Settings Page and Click on Apps and then follow the Tutorial mentioned above of Clearing Cache and Data for Google Service Frame work and Google Play Store.

Step 4: Now again go back to Settings -> Accounts -> Google

Step 5: Select Add Google Account -> Enter your Gmail account and Password (Select all terms and Conditions)

Activate Access Location in Google Settings App:

As one of our users has suggested by trying to activate  Access location in google settings on your android device sometimes the Error 495 has been solved and did not appear as the location settings can alter with the play store and stop some apps from getting downloaded in countries where the app is restricted.

Settings > location access > enable access to my location > activate GPS
This should do the trick and get rid of the Error 495 and if you are still not getting rid of the error you ahve to try the next step as a last resort.

Hard Reset your Android device: 

This is the alst resort and this will surely solve the error 495 problem in play store while installing apps. But in Hard Reset or alsoc alled as Factory Reset you will be loosing all your data stored on your device and your android device will be set to factory settings like new.

So amke sure you Back up all your data on your device, like contacts, images, videos, notes, reminders etc and then go for Hard Reset.

Go to Settings > Privacy > Factory Reset, before you tap on factory reset make sure you also select Back up my data. Then you have to select on Format SD card > Reset Phone and Erase all Data and Restart your phone to apply all the settings and in some devices it will automatically restart on its own.

After you have completed all these steps you should go back to Google Play Store and try to install the app once again. All these steps can solve errors 927, 923 …etc in Google Play Store along with the Error 495.


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