How to Solve / Fix Error 961 in Google Play Store

Users have been facing Error 961 from the past one year or so and Google does not seem to have provided a permanent solution to this error with any of its recent updates. This error can be seen while the Android user is either installing or updating an application on his/her Android device from play store and this is seen while installing or updating free apps and paid apps as well.
From some of the trials which were done I have found out that this error is due to problem in Network settings or due to old Cache and data relating to Google Play Store which can be the reason for facing this error.How to solve or fix error 961 in google play store
So here I am going to show you some steps which I found helpful is solving or fixing Error 961 faced in Google Play store.

Clear Cache and Data from Google Play Store App to solve/fix Error 961:

  1. Clearing Cache and Data from Play Store application has helped many users as well as me when I faced this error while updating Youtube application in Play store.
  2. Tap on the Settings icon on your device Home screen
  3. Scroll down and tap on Apps seen under Device
  4. From the list of Apps seen you have to tap on All and not running on top of the screen
  5. Scroll down to find the Google Play Store app and Tap on it to open the settings
  6. Tap on Force Stop which will close the application even if it is running in the background
  7. Then tap on the Clear Data button and then tap on Clear Cache option

Now after doing these steps go back to your home screen and tap on Play store and try installing or updating your application which must go smoothly and if you are still facing this error follow the next method.

Install or Update Apps using WiFi or Mobile network to solve/fix Error 961:

If you are facing this error 961 while installing the application from either Mobile network or WiFi you have to use the other internet network.
If you are facing the error from Mobile network then you have to try using a WiFi network or if you are facing Error 961 while using WiFi then try using Mobile Network which can be difficult in case of

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