How to solve “Error Code 921” in Google Play Store App install

Every Android user has applications installed in their devices and these have to be installed from Google Play Store which is recently experiencing an Error to many users who are trying to instal any applications when a error pop’s up on their screen stating “Unknown error code during application install” which is preventing installation of any app from Play Store.

There are 3 solutions for solving Error Code 921 depending on the frequency of the error appearing on your device. So you are reading this mostly because you are one of the victims of this Error code and here are the solutions for this error code 921:Error 921 google play store

Note: tap on the Force Stop button in the App page shown below before tapping on Clear Data and Clear Cache buttons.

1. Clear Cache to help solve Error code 921:

This is the first step and most simplest solution which should be followed immediately if you see the Error 921 in your device while installing an Application from Play Store. there are many Apps which do this for you and if you do not have any installed in your device beforehand you can also try this go to Settings -> Application Manager -> Google Play Store App and you will find a Clear Data option which should be clicked on and a pop up box will appear asking us whether to “Clear Cached Data”. This step might do the trick and help solve the Error code 921 in your android device if this does not solve follow the next step.How to solve Error Code 921 for play store

2.Clear Application Data from Play Store App:

Clearing Data from the Play Store App will remove data and settings which were stored in Play Store and this might solve the problem if clearing cache was not doing the trick. For clearing data from Android devices you have to follow these steps: Settings -> Application Manager -> Google Play Store App -> Clear Data.How to get rid of Error Code 921 for play store

3. Remove account Details:

If the upper two steps did not solve your problem of Error code 921 then you have to take this step which for sure will solve the problem from coming back. Go to System Settings -> Account -> Google ->  Select your Google account  -> Tap on the Menu button on the top right corner of the page -> Select ‘Remove account’.

Follow these steps and get rid of the Error Code 921 while downloading Apps. Do let us know if this worked for you and please comment if you want any other doubts or problems which you are facing.


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