How to Solve Error Code 80048823 – When Downloading Apps and Updates

The Nokia Lumia series with its Windows OS from Microsoft has been a great advantage for both fading market of Nokia and Microsoft Operating System the Windows Mobile OS 8.

There  have been many errors which are being faced by users of windows phones which we are going to help you solve and get rid of these errors.  One such error which many have faced is the Error Code 80048823 during Updating or while downloading Apps.

Let me show you How to solve Error Code 80048823:

This error can be seen when you are either trying to update already Installed apps or when you are trying to Download and Install new Apps to your windows device.
You will be seeing the following error code in the form of a Pop up window:
“There is a problem completing your request.  Try again later.”
 Error code:80048823

solution for windows phone error 80048823
Solution 1: Restart or Soft Reset

There are some simple solutions to this error where you just need to Restart your Widows device 

Restarting the Windows phone is also called as Soft Reset 

How to Restart or Soft Reset Windows Phone:

  • Press and hold Power and Volume down button for 10 seconds
  • This will Soft Reset or Restart your Windows device

After Restarting your device try once again to Update the App or Install the app which should solve the problem.

In case you get the Error Code 80048823 once again try the next trick which might be the solution.

Solution 2: Change Keyboard Language

Changing the Keyboard language has sometimes helped solve this problem and updating the app or installing the app can mostly solve the problem.

If the Error is still coming then please follow the step below which will surely solve the problem.

Solution 3: Login to

  • Go to from your Computer
  • Login to your account which you have been using in your Windows device
  • Once you have Logged into to your account from your PC use your Windows device to Login to your acoount
  • You might get “Your password is out of date”, all you have to do here is Renter the Password you have been using.
  • Now you should go and start the Updates or Installation of the Apps which were causing the error which will be installed easily without any problem.

Log onto from your computer and ensure your account is valid. Second check your WIFI and Cell data connectivity can you reach login through IE? If your passport account is working correctly in these too scenario’s and you’ve connected your phone to your PC and downloaded all your media content, then doing the reset will be easy


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