How to Solve or Fix Error Code 80048264 in Windows Phones

A common Error in Windows Phones App Store or while opening Apps is the error 80048264 which will be seen when you are opening an already installed App or trying to install a new App from the Windows App store. There are many error codes which are popping up with the increase in usage of Windows phones and there are some simple solutions to all of them which we will be updating regularly.
This error does not allow you to access the App or install a new app and when you try to open or install a pop up box comes up seen like this:
“There has been a problem completing your request. Try again later”
Error Code :80048264.
There are some simple solutions to solve this Error and once again make your windows device install and access Apps like earlier. We are going to show you 2 simple Tricks to Fix Error 80048264 in Nokia Lumia Windows Devices.

Uptaded on: 09/08/2014

how to solve or fix error code 80048264 in wp store

Sync your Microsoft Account:

In case the above Step could not solve the Error problem follow these simple steps
  1. Go to Settings in your Windows device
  2. Select Email + Accounts from the list seen
  3. You will find your Microsoft Account – Click on it and Hold until you get some options
  4. Select Sync and now your account will be synced with your device and you will be able to Install or Update Apps
Check  Date and Time Settings: 
Sometimes the problem arises when your device time does not match with the network time so you have to check your phone’s Date and Time.
Go to Settings > Date+time and manually set the correct time zone, date and time. Try signing in again.
Enter your Account Password:
If you are seeing the Error Code 80048264 you can follow these simple steps and update your account information in the Email Account settings option which should be similar to the information i.e Username and Password which were given when you first Installed or Registered your Phone.
In case you have not registered or have a Microsoft live username and password, you need to go to and register or create a new account and then enter the same details by following the below mentioned steps:
  1. Go to Settings in your Windows device
  2. Select Email + Accounts from the list seen
  3. Go to Add Email account
  4. Then Click on Microsoft Account -and enter the username and Password which you might have used earlier with the phone or create a new account as mentioned earlier and enter the details here.
After you have done this go back to the App which was not opening or the Windows App Store and try to Install or Open the App and you must not find any problems in doing the same. In case you are still having some problem with opening the App or downloading one follow the next Step.

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