How to solve Error 194 in Android Play Store

There have been many instances when you are trying to download an interesting app and you face an Error which prevents you from downloading and installing the application from Google Play Store. From the huge number of apps there will be many applications which will be facing this error sometimes when updating the installed applications.

In this instance I faced the Error 194 while updating a Game App in my Asus Zenfone 2. The Error read as follows Update for “Turbo FAST” could not be downloaded due to an error (194). I just tried once again to update the app and it was successful, guess I was lucky as there have been many users who are asking for a fix regarding the Error 194 while downloading or updating applications in Android devices.

There are three solutions which we have found to be useful in fixing the error. The three fixes are Clear Google Play Store Cache, Log out and Log in to Google account, Uninstall Play Store updates.

How to Fix Error 194 in Google Play Store

Clear Google Play Store Cache to Fix Error 194:

This is the most successful solution for the Error, clearing cache and data of the Google Play Store and Google Play Services of your Android device. You can clear the cache and data by following these steps:

  • Go to Settings and then tap on Apps or Application Manager in the list
  • From the list tap on ‘All Apps’ and then in the list tap on ‘Google Play Store’ application
  • Tap on Force Stop the App which is the first option seen in the page
  • The Google Play Store App page will also have the Clear Data and Clear Cache button. Tap on both of them to clear cache and data of Google Play Store App
  • Now you have to search for Google Play Services app and repeat the same steps as above

Launch the Google Play Store once again and try to install or update the application which you were facing the error with.

Remove and Add the Google Account to Fix Error 194:

This step has also worked for some in case the clearing cache and data step was not successful. You have to remove your synced Google Account and add it back to your Android device.

  • Tap on Settings App
  • Go to Account and then from the list tap on Google
  • Now select the Google account which is linked to the Google Play Store App in case you have multiple Email accounts added
  • If you are using Android Lollipop or later you will be seeing the Remove Account option, tap on it
  • If your device is on Android Kitkat, tap on the three dot icon on the right side top of you mail i.d page and tap on Remove account from the drop down menu
  • Now you have Go to accounts page once again and tap on Add Account to add the mail i.d back to your device

Updating Google Play Services is one of the other solution which some users have mentioned to have helped them in fixing this error. One other solution was to try downloading or installing the application using other networks like WiFi or Mobile Network or vice-versa.

Other Errors faced during Downloading or Updating Apps in Android device are: Error 495, Error 941, Error 492

These are the solutions which we have found to be helpful, in case you have any other solutions which have helped you in fixing this error, let us know in the comments section below which will be added to the post with due credit.

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