How to Soft Reset and Hard Reset Windows Nokia Lumia devices -920, 1020 etc

Nokia Lumia series is gaining its popularity with the combination of Nokia Hardware and Windows Operating System. But we have noticed that there are many problems too associated with the device mainly the Nokia Lumia 920, 1020, 1320, 1520 etc. Problems like Frozen Screen and Unresponsive Screen on Boot Up or while Starting the device or while playing a Game or App. The main problems is the lack of removable battery which can be easily removed and placed back to get your phone to start working again.

So for these kinds of problems faced by many Lumia users, here are some simple solutions namely Soft reset or Force Restarting your device and Hard Reset.

Soft Reset or Force Restarting Windows Lumia Device:

To Soft Reset your Nokia Lumia device when you face any Error or when your device gets stuck Soft Reset is the best way to try and get your device out of the Error or Unresponsive mode or Frozen screen mode.
Take you Nokia Lumia Device be it 520, 525, 620, 720, 920, 1020, 1320 or 1520 you can use the same technique on any of the above mentioned devices to soft reset your device.

  1. You can Find the Power Button and the Volume Rockers on the Right Side of the device
  2. Press on the Power Button with one finger and at the same time press down on the Volume down button with another finger and hold down for 10 seconds
  3. Now your Windows phone will vibrate and display will be turned off and the Reboot process will start
  4. Your device will restart and you should be able to use your device and come out of the error.
  5. If the Error still persists and your device is unresponsive you need to try the Hard Reset which is being explained below.

how to hard and Soft reset windows nokia lumia devicesHard Reset or Factory Reset of Nokia Lumia Windows Devices:

Note: There have been instance that your Windows phone might get stuck in the Bricked State, mainly seen in the Lumia 920. So if possible it is better to back up your device before attempting this step.

  1. You should have an idea of Power button, Volume rockers and Camera Button all of these can be found on the Right side of the device.
  2. Using 3 fingers you have to press down on the 3 buttons – Power button, Volume Down button and the Camera button.
  3. Keep pressing down until your phone Vibrates and then release only the Power Button
  4. Keep pressing down on the Volume Down and Camera Button for approximately 5 more seconds
  5. You will now see that your Windows device has entered the Factory state and will be reset and now you can leave the the other two buttons.

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